Mixing units


Purmo Shunt MiniMix is intended to provide 1 or 2 underfloor heating lines with heat. Purmo Shunt MiniMix is adapted to be connected to a radiator system and can be switched for operation in 1- or 2-pipe systems. Make sure that the existing system can delivery the necessary output to the underfloor heating system. Purmo Shunt MiniMix is equipped with a limiter of the flow line temperature that is max. 55°C. Max. temp +90°C. Two Purmo Module Minimix 2-circuit units are installed as junctions when 2 underfloor heating circuits are needed. Use a circuit with a maximum length of 60 metres with 10 mm pipe, 80 metres with 17 mm pipe and 90 metres with 20 mm pipe. Some noise can occur, so pay attention to where it is positioned. If two circuits are connected, the line lengths must be the same.

Pressure rating PN6
Material Several materials
Standard colour Several
Types Mixing unit
Heights [mm] 180
Widths [mm] 240