What’s the difference between a radiator and a convector?

What’s the actual difference between a radiator and a convector? Generally speaking, the word ‘radiator’ comes from the phenomenon of radiant heat, where the proportion of radiant heat is over 50%. The rest consists of convective heat.
Konvektor vs radiator. Båda motverkar kallras och stora fönster är inget hinder. Undvik kallras.

Radiant heat and convective heat

Radiant heat is the type of heat that can be felt by the body. This can be compared to the thermal radiation from a bonfire or from the sun. In reality, only Type 10 panel radiators reach a radiant heat proportion of 50%. Already type 11, which is a radiator with a single convector plate and single water-bearing panel, has a convection proportion of approximately 70%.

A convector is often lower than 30 cm in height, which means it occupies less vertical space and makes it suitable in front of large windows. A convector primarily emits convective heat, often over 90%.