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30 trees for our 30th anniversary

2022 has been an extraordinary year for the Purmo brand. We became a publicly listed company on the Helsinki stock exchange and launched various innovative products such as the Flex and Tinos H Flex radiators, the new fan convector iVector S2 and the Unisenza control range. On top of that, this year the Purmo brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary on the Polish market. To honour the occasion, our Polish employees decided to plant a row of 30 trees alongside a bicycle path in Rybnik, where Purmo’s largest and most modern panel radiators factory is located.
30 trees hands main photo

1 tree for every year

For 30 years our Polish colleagues have been devoting their time and energy to Purmo and helped turn our company into the leading manufacturer and supplier of heating systems in Poland. So we couldn’t let this special birthday go by unnoticed. Our local team decided to commemorate the anniversary by voluntarily planting 30 trees alongside a cycle path in a public space in Rybnik, one for every year that the Purmo brand has been active in the country. In addition to the festive angle, this activity fits in perfectly with the company’s global sustainability programme aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the production process as well as caring for the community and local environment.

30 trees for Purmo's 30th anniversary bicycle patch Rybnik Purmo Poland plants 30 trees for its 30th anniversary

Team effort

In agreement with the city hall in Rybnik and ecology experts it was determined that the trees would be planted along the newly created bicycle path in the area of a picturesque Nacyna river. The selection of tree species – most appropriate to the local ecosystem – was consulted with local environmental protection specialists. The entire sales, technical and marketing team of Purmo Poland took part in the planting, under the expert supervision of urban greenery specialists. In the end a row of 30 maples, hornbeams and acacias was planted by the new bicycle path in Rybnik. ‘We do hope that this project will allow the local community, walkers and cyclists to enjoy this place even more in the future and will remind us of the history of our company’, says Janusz Skibniewski, Marketing Cluster Lead at Purmo Polska.

Andrzej Iżycki, Vice President for Sales in Poland, adds: ‘We are happy and proud of our contribution, and we believe that thanks to this initiative, in a few years, this place will be even more friendly to its residents. The Purmo trees will enrich the ecosystem and serve the local community for many decades to come, generating the oxygen we all need to live.’

30 drzew na 30 lecie marki Purmo Andrzej Iżycki  30 drzew n a30 lecie marki Purmo grupa