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Christmas is the time for giving

Although we are committed to our people and communities throughout the year, Christmas is the perfect time to make a little extra effort. This year the colleagues from our Swedish branch have decided that their Christmas gift goes to the organisation ‘Min Stora Dag’, which translates to ‘My Special Day’. In cooperation with children’s clinics and other healthcare providers throughout Sweden they make wishes come true for children and adolescents with critical illnesses and diagnoses.
Purmo gives to Min Stora Dag

Strength and happiness

Currently 200,000 children and adolescents in Sweden struggle with serious illnesses and diagnoses. By fulfilling their wishes and giving them their own Special Day, Min Stora Dag creates joy and strength in a tough everyday life that is often characterised by medications and treatments.

My Special Day is a foundation that’s entirely dependent on donations from organisations, companies and individuals. It doesn’t receive any government funding. So for them to continue their good work, external support is vital. The Christmas elves at Purmo Sweden are very happy that they can contribute to this good cause and make a difference for many children and young people.