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Citizens’ Week: contributing to a cleaner and healthier community

There are many ways to protect our planet. Conserving water or recycling materials are just the tip of the iceberg. Contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment also requires us to roll up our sleeves and step outside once in a while. That’s what various team members from our French branch did during their Citizens’ Week by volunteering to collect litter in order to help preserve their local nature.
Finimetal volunteer work litter cleaning Biache

Motivated clean-up crews

To reinforce our corporate social responsibility policy, our French branch decided to organise its first Citizens’ Week in December 2022. Several activities were set up by the management, including the cleaning of litter from various sites. A team of 19 volunteers from the production team assembled on 9 December to clean the area around our Biache-Saint-Vaast plant. In no time they were able to fill numerous garbage bags with litter that was scattered around.

A few weeks later, on 21 December, the Western Regional Sales Force headed to the Vendée beaches with the same goal in mind; to contribute to a cleaner environment. Despite the cold coastal breeze, they put their best foot forward and at the end of the day they were able to leave the beach much cleaner than they had found it in the morning.

Finimetal volunteers community cleaning Biache Finimetal community cleaning Biache

Responsibility and commitment

During Citizens’ Week numerous team members showed their commitment to the environment and the local community. Yohan Martin, Assistant Accountant, is one of the members of the clean-up crew. “This day of volunteering was very rewarding. I had always wanted to get involved in the environment but never really managed to take the time to do so. Seeing that there were many of us that day making an effort for our environment was encouraging. After all, let's not forget that it's the little drops that make the big rivers.”

Audrey Destailleur, HR manager of our French branch, was also happy to see the positive effects of this action. "Our volunteers spent a whole day collecting abandoned rubbish from public roads in order to preserve the surrounding nature. They collaborated well and worked with great enthusiasm. The day outside helped our team members to become more aware of the ecological issues that have become unavoidable and to understand that taking care of our planet requires motivation, as well as a responsible and committed state of mind. We would like to thank our employees who participated in these actions in France and in the other countries where our company is present."

Finimetal Cititens' Week volunteer team Biache plant