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Defining the future of 2030 and beyond together with Living Tomorrow

Creating a smart and sustainable future is a challenge we must all face together. The new Living Tomorrow campus in Brussels provides a platform where we can connect and let innovation thrive. As a leading supplier of sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions we observe every day the important role that our products can play in this process. A partnership with Living Tomorrow was therefore a logical choice for us as we share their strong vision on innovation and want to actively contribute to a better tomorrow.
Living Tomorrow innovation campus partner Purmo Group

Living Tomorrow innovation campus

The Living Tomorrow innovation hub offers customers, partners, markets and government contacts a shared platform to explore the boundaries of innovation and technology. Here innovative solutions are being brought into practice. Imagine digital twins of humans and buildings, virtual and augmented reality experiences, future visions on indoor climate comfort and smart homes, applications of AI and machine learning…

At Living Tomorrow, they believe that by working together we can create impact and boost innovations that make living in the future more comfortable but also contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow. So do we. By making innovative solutions accessible to the public we involve everyone in the realisation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and goals far beyond that.

Living Tomorrow & Purmo Group’s vision

At Purmo Group, our vision is to drive the future of complete heating, cooling and ventilation solutions through state-of-the art innovation. This is mainly guided by our motivation to make life simpler for HVAC professionals and create a better one for our end users. In this, we find a clear connection with the philosophy of Living Tomorrow. Here all partners want to contribute to tomorrow’s story and build visions that prepare us for all the challenges that the future holds.

Our presence at Living Tomorrow

Purmo Group’s presence at the Living Tomorrow campus is twofold. On the one hand, one of our electric bathroom radiators is showcased in the demo room that centres around smart homes. On the other hand, various Purmo products contribute to the creation of sustainable indoor climate comfort at Living Tomorrow.

In the Digital Experience Centre visitors experience first hand how technology can be used to create sustainable living spaces. Our electric bathroom radiator is more than appropriate here as it offers a smart and future-proof solution for both installers and end users. Other themes covered at Living Tomorrow include smart mobility & logistics, smart health & care, smart buildings & infrastructure, smart city & industry and smart work.

Indoor climate comfort for the Living Tomorrow hotel guests

The goal at the Living Tomorrow innovation campus was to establish a building that is as energy efficient as possible, taking circularity of materials and the reduction of fossil fuels into account. To this end, the building, including the vocoTM Brussels City North hotel, is equipped with an industrial heat pump, which provides hydronic heating and cooling, combined with solar panels on the roof that fuel the electric heating. Everything is balanced and controlled with the help of smart controls and a building management system.

Within this concept, several of our products have been integrated and contribute to the creation of a sustainable building. More than 90 Figuresse bathroom radiators and over 100 iVector S2 fan convectors are installed in the hotel rooms. Our ceiling heating and cooling systems provide additional comfort throughout the year with extra focussed heating or cooling in the 8 luxury suites.

Bart Thijs, the Living Tomorrow architect, comments: “For our hotel rooms we wanted high-quality products that are future-proof. This led us to Purmo’s Figuresse range of bathroom radiators. The variety of radiators within this assortment allowed us to offer low-temperature or electric heating in every room but still play with different designs to create a unique style.” The user-friendly electronic controls on the radiators help the guests to easily create a comfortable bathroom climate tailored to their wishes and schedule. Moreover, the electric radiators are linked to the solar panels so that they are fuelled by renewable energy.

Discover the entire Figuresse range

Are you curious to find out more about our collaboration with Living Tomorrow or our vision on innovation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.