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5 reasons why vertical radiators stand out

Vertical radiators are incredibly versatile. They suit a wide range of rooms, especially those where wall space is limited, and match every interior style. So when searching radiators for a new build or renovation project, it’s certainly worth considering tall radiators as a stylish alternative to traditional horizontal radiators. For those who need a little more convincing, we are happy to list the key reasons why vertical radiators stand out.
Vertical radiators Purmo - 5 reasons why vertical radiators stand out

1. Vertical radiators are great space-savers

Vertical radiators offer a great heating solution for rooms that don’t have enough available wall space to fit a horizontal radiator. Bathrooms and hallways are typical examples, but a living room with large windows or a kitchen where cupboards and appliances take up a lot of space can benefit just as well from a vertical radiator. Since they combine a high heat output with low space requirements, vertical radiators help to overcome all horizontal limits and allow for more design freedom by leaving wall space available that you can then use for other purposes.

To make sure there is a suitable solution for every room, our range of vertical panel radiators and vertical designer radiators offers available widths from 300 to 750 mm and heights from 1500 up to 2300 mm.

2. Vertical radiators are suitable for a wide range of applications

Tall radiators are suitable for a great variety of applications; ranging from private homes and residential buildings to offices and hotel rooms. There is always a model that meets the users’ needs. Moreover, our vertical radiators withstand a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar instead of the standard 6 bar. This allows them to be used in more applications and is especially useful in situations where a higher system pressure is required, such as in taller buildings or buildings connected to district heating.

Additionally, vertical radiators effortlessly combine style and functionality. So on top of different applications, they are also suitable for use in different rooms within the same building. The same vertical radiator that is installed in a hallway can, for example, become a powerful bathroom radiator that also warms and dries towels on the practical towel rail which is optionally available. The galvanised front and side covers on the flat versions ensure particularly resistant surfaces, especially when used in the bathroom.

Furthermore, we offer both hydronic and electric vertical radiators, allowing you to choose the type of radiator that best fits the application. Electric vertical radiators provide a practical solution, for example, in renovation projects where the current pipe network doesn’t offer sufficient possibilities or as a complement to bathroom underfloor heating. The various available types ensure you can combine pleasant warmth and good design throughout any building.

3. Vertical radiators match every interior style

There is no accounting for tastes so at Purmo we offer a suitable vertical radiator for every interior style. Regardless whether you are looking for tall radiators to match a classically furnished room or want a vertical radiator that fits perfectly with a sleek, modern interior, with our 5 main models Vertical, Faro V, Kos V, Tinos V and Paros V we cater to all tastes. Especially because they are also available in a wide variety of colours. Their standard colour is RAL 9016 white, but other RAL colours and metallic finishes are available on request. So the choice is yours: you can create an eye-catching piece that turns heads or opt for one that blends in seamlessly with the room’s design.

It is also very easy to combine horizontal and vertical radiators. To ensure a harmonious result, we have aligned our ranges and offer horizontal radiators in the same design for most versions. This way you’ll easily find the right solution for every requirement.

4. Vertical radiators fit every budget

Installing vertical radiators doesn’t necessarily mean stretching the budget. Because our range of vertical radiators is so diverse, we are able to offer options for every type of project, from low-budget to prestige. When you’re looking for a standard tall radiator Vertical is the best choice. With its traditional design that matches both classic and modern interiors, this vertical radiator is a great all-rounder. If you want to add value to a room, we suggest to choose one of our vertical designer radiators. These are characterised by a minimalist design that adds timeless elegance to any room.

5. Vertical radiators are great for both new build and renovation projects

In modern, well-insulated buildings vertical radiators create a lot of practical and aesthetic opportunities since radiators no longer have to be positioned under the window as was often the case in the past. Moreover, tall radiators often harmonise better with the interior design than their horizontal counterparts. Particularly in the residential sector, there is a great need for individual and style-appropriate solutions. Our range of vertical radiators is designed to meet this need with high-quality products on which we also offer a 10-year guarantee.

On top of that, our vertical radiators offer various connection options so that they are also easy to integrate in renovation projects. Centre connection is available as standard but a side connection from below or even above offers additional options that facilitate the integration into an existing pipe network.

If you would like tailored advice on which vertical radiator is the best match for your project, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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