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Changing radiators is no big deal

Compact panel radiators with a flat front have rightly become the standard heating solution for renovations. They are powerful and available in many sizes and colours. But what about the existing pipe network, replacement times and associated costs? Luckily, Purmo has the perfect solution so that you can easily replace your old radiators and the modernisation of your heating system really is no big deal.
changing radiators

Replacing your old radiators

Whether it’s because your old radiators are no longer a match for your new interior or the low temperature heating system you are planning to install or they’ve just reached the end of their lifespan, the replacement of your radiators is bound to raise some practical issues. In most cases the available replacement time is limited because the premises are occupied. On top of that, there might be some additional paintwork involved, not to mention the burden on your renovation budget if the pipe network needs to be adjusted.

Plan Compact

Luckily, there is a solution that allows you to replace old radiators quickly without any hassle. The Purmo Compact radiator has hub spacings in DIN radiator dimensions and is available in a wide range of dimensions so that it fits exactly on the existing connections. This means you can easily replace your old radiators without having to change the pipes and getting dirt all over the place. Your HVAC installer is able to install and connect the new radiators in just a few hours at a comparatively low cost. Even furnished and carpeted rooms are no problem at all.

Recycling all the way

Purmo radiators are an attractive, cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for any home. An installer can quickly and easily integrate them into existing heating systems, without much effort or mess, after which the radiators provide a comfortable and efficient heat for many decades. At the end of their service life, all radiator components can be separated and recycled.
The second point also applies to the old radiators as well as to our packaging. Metals can always be recycled without problems and the environmentally friendly transport packaging with edge protection not only secures the new radiators in the rough everyday life on the construction site but is also easy to separate and recycle.

No big deal

The combination of a radiator that fits perfectly on the existing connections and the conscious choice of recyclable materials ensures that changing your radiators is no big deal at all. Both from a practical point of view and from a sustainability perspective. You are sure to enjoy years of comfortable warmth with radiators that are a perfect match for your heating needs without having to worry about an extra burden on the environment.