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Vertical designer radiators: the versatile interior design upgrade

Thanks to their ability to simultaneously generate a cosy warmth, give a room its own unique character and overcome horizontal limitations when it comes to available wall space, vertical designer radiators are more popular than ever. Ranging from homeowners to architects and interior designers, everyone is discovering the benefits that vertical radiators have to offer for both new buildings and renovation projects.
vertical designer radiators

Versatile heating solution

Vertical designer radiators are remarkably versatile as they’re suitable for a wide range of rooms, spaces and layouts. Especially in rooms with limited wall space, such as a kitchen or bathroom, a vertical radiator can be a real problem solver since it frees up space and can be installed in areas that might otherwise remain unused. This allows for more freedom in interior design. Many modern buildings nowadays have a lot of large windows, for example, that limit the space where you can fit a traditional horizontal radiator. In such cases, vertical designer radiators can easily be installed on either side of the windows or on a narrow piece of wall in between.

Vertical radiators vs. horizontal radiators

When looking for more information about vertical radiators, you might wonder if they work as well as horizontal radiators or come across the myth that a vertical radiator doesn’t radiate heat as efficiently at the top. We’re happy to confirm that vertical designer radiators work in the same way as horizontal radiators and provide the same heat output. Water pressure ensures that the entire surface of a vertical radiator heats up equally, from top to bottom. With a cosy warmth that’s guaranteed, the choice between a vertical or a horizontal radiator can easily take into account both practical features and personal design preferences.

Hydronic and electric vertical designer radiators

Vertical radiators work well with all heat sources, ranging from conventional boilers to renewable energy systems such as heat pumps and electricity, whether self-generated or not. So, in addition the flexibility in interior design, Purmo’s range of vertical designer radiators also offers flexibility in choice of heat source. Hydronic vertical designer radiators such as Faro V, Kos V, Narbonne V, Paros V and Tinos V are made of high-quality steel and are adapted to modern, hydronic central heating systems with low flow temperatures. Those who prefer electric heating, can opt for electric designer radiators such as Epok V, Langila, Sanbe and Tamari V. Specifically for bathrooms there is also an all-round range of vertical towel warmers, including both hydronic and electric models.

Vertical designer radiators to match any décor

Once you’ve chosen your heat source, it’s simply a matter of choosing a favourite style and colour. Thanks to a great variety of designs and a wide range of available colours and metallic finishes, it’s easy to select a vertical designer radiator that matches your interior design, whether it’s a classic, more rural interior or rather a sleek, modern one. It also allows you to choose a radiator that either blends in perfectly with the current design and other furnishings or opt for a vertical radiator that stands out with a contrasting or more unorthodox colour such as blue, yellow, red, orange, etc. Add to this the numerous dimensions you can choose from and you’ll quickly see that Purmo’s vertical designer radiators are a great instrument for adding some character to a room and giving the interior design a personal upgrade.

Discover the wide range of available colours for our vertical designer radiators to see which hue is your perfect match.