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Home renovation of a two-storey gabled home

This home renovation project proves that it is possible to have the best of both worlds: an older home built in a classic style with modern, energy-efficient heating that delivers the ultimate in indoor climate comfort.

Reference column radiators Fam. Whale

This home was originally built circa 1911 as a fully detached two-storey gabled house in the style of reform architecture. Over the last century, the exterior of the house had preserved much of its original charm, with stunning design flourishes that included picturesque oriel balconies and ornamented gabled windows. Keeping the character of this beautiful home was an absolute must for the new owners, who planned to live in the second story of the home while renting out the ground floor. The indoor climate system, however, needed some help to bring it up to modern standards.

How this home was transformed with a DELTA column radiator

The owners knew from previous experience that underfloor heating was not for them. They wanted a heating solution that fit with the visual style of their home and that was easy to clean and maintain, since all three family members are allergy sufferers.

The DELTA column radiator turned out to be the perfect fit for them. This section radiator houses traditional heating technology within a sleek, elegant exterior. Laser welding creates a flat surface that is free of weld joints for a sophisticated, understated look that blends seamlessly with any style of home decor.

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Bathroom: befor and after renovation

As great as the DELTA column radiator looks, what really sold the owners on this option was hygiene. These radiators are medical-grade and used in hospitals, which made DELTA the best choice to create a clean, comfortable, allergy-friendly home.

Versatile options that fit your home and lifestyle

One of the most celebrated features of DELTA column radiators, that made it an excellent fit for this home project and many others, is their versatility. They come in a range of colours, shapes, and sizes, so that clients have the flexibility to select exactly the kind of radiator that will work best in their living space. Clients can choose from 28 different heights (from 300 to 3000 mm), as well as select the number of sections (from two to six) for a length anywhere from 200 to 2500 mm.

Reference - Wahle - living room

Living room: before and after renovation

A happy ending for this home story

With the renovations taking just under one year to complete, the family moved into their home in 2018. Their next stage of renovation includes updating the ground floor, and DELTA products will be a key element of this project as well.


The Purmo radiators are delivered as standard in white RAL 9016. Other RAL colours are also available to order. The colours below are Purmo's own special and metal colours as well as anodic colours. For technical reasons, the colour chart may differ from the actual colour.