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Integrated warmth for energy provider

The headquarters of Kelag, an Austrian energy provider in Klagenfurt were recently provided with integrated warmth in form of trench convectors from Purmo. Trench convectors solve the problem of cold radiation from large glass surfaces – from the ground up.
Trench convector Aquilo in office

Modern rooms with glass facades can be heated efficiently and attractively with trench convectors. They reliably provide integrated warmth at the critical point of the glass surfaces, which are colder due to their low insulation factor. These surfaces are reliably heated to eliminate unpleasant cold radiation and to improve the level of comfort. At the same time, a kind of warm air rolling movement into the room takes place, similar to that produced by radiators, to ensure not only quick but also effective thermal comfort.

The headquarters of energy supplier Kelag in Austria, and a private swimming pool in the mountains near Vienna are both evidence that trench convectors offer indoor climate comfort in case of large glass surfaces.

Even though trench convectors are barely visible, the eye still catches the cover grilles, which should ideally match the prevailing interior design. Special attention was also paid to this requirement, so that a wide range of materials is available in Purmo for the roll-up and linear grilles: wood, stainless steel or aluminium of very high quality are available.