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House renovation: the importance of a fitting solution

According to the French National Observatory for Energy Renovation about 5.2 million houses out of the 30 million main residences in France are considered to be thermal strainers. This means that 17% of the fleet isn’t energy efficient at all and house renovations are imminent to improve the energy performance of the French housing stock.
House renovation fitting solution energy efficiency

Thermal strainer

When a housing unit is considered to be a thermal strainer, it’s classified F or G by the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE). This means it’s a very energy-intensive house where energy consumption exceeds 330 kWh per square meter per year. Often the high energy consumption is due to poor insulation that allows heat to escape through the roof, windows and doors. If we want to reach our goal of a climate-neutral building stock by 2050, we need to significantly improve the energy performance of those dwellings and the only way to do so is by means of house renovations.

Heat loss in old houses

The first step towards improving energy efficiency is realising that your house is actually a thermal strainer. There are several issues that can indicate this, such as abnormally high energy bills, cold spots or draughts throughout the house or the presence of moisture, which shows, for example, in the form of condensation on the windows or mould on the walls. Especially in poorly-insulated homes heat loss can be a particular problem and should be tackled with a fitting solution.

The benefits of a house renovation

Up to 38% of the French population has already carried out an energy renovation in recent years and now reaps the benefits. By dealing with the most important pain points and focusing on energy efficiency you can enjoy advantages such as significant energy savings, improved living comfort and an increased property value. On top of that, you’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a better, cleaner environment. Moreover, by renovating now you’ll anticipate regulatory changes and avoid time-bound stress later on.

Energy improvement project

Once you’re ready to improve your home’s energy performance, it’s important to consider a number of factors and rely on the expertise of a professional. Only with the right products that are suitable for and perfectly adapted to your home, its size and location is it possible to achieve an efficient, durable and ecologically responsible result.

At Purmo we have numerous sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions that can help to improve your home’s energy performance, including panel radiators, electric radiators, designer radiators, convectors, towel radiators, underfloor heating, regulation systems, etc. To help choose the best solution and realise your energy renovation project, we recommend you to contact one of our distributors. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have and offer individual support tailored to your situation.

Financial support for a house renovation

When considering various options for the optimal indoor climate comfort, don’t forget to check if any subsidies or grants are available that can help you get the most out of your renovation budget. As part of the European Renovation Wave, lots of countries are offering financial assistance. In France, for example, there are several initiatives such as the Prime Energie, MaPrimeRénov’, Habiter Mieux Sérénité de l’Anah, the Eco-PTZ, the chèque énergie, etc. The conditions for obtaining these subsidies as well as the eligibility criteria can be found here.