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8 advantages of using local control in radiant heating and cooling systems

Central heating controls are very popular as they allow you to heat a building more efficiently and save on energy bills. Purmo’s Unisenza controls for radiant heating and cooling systems offer an even more efficient and flexible heating experience with local controls for individual rooms and a choice of different thermostats. This creates a number of important advantages for both installers and end users.
Local control for radiant heating and cooling systems

Advantages of Unisenza for installers

1. Easy-to-install controls

Unisenza stands for a complete and unified control solution that ensures a unique sense of comfort an efficiency. This applies not only to the end user, but also to the installer. The controls for radiant heating and cooling systems have been designed for an extremely easy installation. Installers can rely on clear instructions and ready-made wiring diagrams to guide them through the installation process. On top of that, the hard-wired thermostats suit the majority of installation requirements where cables are the standard procedure so it’s sufficient to simply plug in the thermostat for local temperature control.

2. Easy-to-understand wiring centre

The wiring centre serves as the heart of the system. It takes its signal from the room thermostats and then opens each thermal actuator accordingly. Per wiring centre up to 20 actuators can be installed so that larger systems pose no problem at all. It is very easy to create the connections as you simply need to see that L is connected to L, N to N, NSB to NSB and so on.

3. Universal automation system

The Unisenza control range is fully compatible with all radiant heating and cooling systems and all heating/cooling generators, including heat pumps, boilers, etc. Regardless of the heat source, the control system will respond quickly to every change and adapt easily to guarantee efficient radiant heating and cooling.

4. Customisable controls

The Unisenza range features three different thermostats that allow for heat control tailored to the end consumer’s preferred user experience and budget. Ranging from a simple electronic dial thermostat, a modern digital thermostat, and a WiFi thermostat with clock and plug & play APP control, all thermostats combine together so as installer you can offer various combinations. From simple and inexpensive room temperature control with just one WiFi thermostat that’s linked to a number of dial thermostats to an APP- and time-controlled heating and cooling control with various WiFi thermostats.

Advantages of Unisenza for the end user

1. Temperature control tailored to individual needs

Unisenza allows for local control of the installed radiant heating and cooling system. This way it’s easy to set the ideal temperature for each individual room, depending on its use and occupants, without having to take into account the temperature in other rooms. On top of a tailored indoor climate comfort, this allows for very energy-efficient heating, which in turn is beneficial for both the planet and the energy bill.

Moreover, each of the thermostats allows for the control of both heating and cooling so that you can relax and enjoy optimal indoor comfort in every room each day of the year.

Although the local control is very efficient, sometimes it’s practical to control the system from one central location. This is also possible with Unisenza. Regardless of the thermostats that have been chosen, it’s possible, for example, to centrally lower the night temperature or switch to cooling mode.

2. Easy APP control

A simple pairing of the WiFi thermostat to the WiFi router enables remote APP control. All you have to do is install the simple and intuitive app on your smartphone or tablet and you can remotely control the settings of the radiant heating and cooling system.

3. Smart automation

Advanced technology allows for easy and smart automation of radiant heating and cooling systems with the Unisenza controls. Just think of features such as an open-window function, PI control, a self-learning function, adjustment of the control algorithms to specific heat emitter types, etc.

4. Safety features

When we say ‘comfort delivered’ at Purmo, we of course refer to indoor climate comfort, but also the comfort of knowing that all our products are safe to use. The Unisenza wiring centre allows, for example, for dew and overheat sensor inputs so that the loops can easily close in case of alarm and both the flooring and system components are protected. Another safety feature is the pump exercise function that ensures the pump is cycled for 5 minutes every 24 hours to prevent the pump from blocking after longer periods of dormancy, such as the summer months.

Want to know more about Unisenza and how to enjoy the advantages these controls for radiant heating and cooling systems? Discover the range on our website or download the brochure.