A personal touch. Today's trends in architecture, interior design and design are about creating environments with individual and personal solutions. We see no reason why radiators and other heating and cooling solutions should play a minor role in the interior. That is why we have created products that meet all tastes and needs. Purmo´s design radiators fit every personality and decor, not only in terms of technology and function, but also in form, style and color. You will be amazed at how many choices are available.

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School Optima

Heating, cooling and ventilation in school buildings

Almost all of us have experience with poor indoor air, draft, and varying degrees of cold or heat in classrooms. But why are classroom indoor air problems so common even though technical solutions are available?
Kos V in Hotel Dorsia

Design radiators for hotel business

What do hotel guests want? What is important to hoteliers? As a heating fitter for a wide range of hotel projects, we already have a wealth of experience. We also know what will be important in the future.
Ulow E2 hallway
Private housing
Underfloor heating
Improve efficiency

Successful refurbishment with low temperature solution

A successful case study from Germany shows how households can dramatically reduce their energy costs in one fell swoop with the help of the expertise of Purmo!


Yali Ramo, stone grey, office
Hydronic heating

Radiators for the home office

If you work from home, it's important to consider the temperature of the room and ensure that it's conducive to concentration and creative thinking. Purmo offers a wide range of radiator models that guarantee thermal comfort in your home office.

ThermoCon TCN Convector

What’s the difference between a radiator and a convector?

What’s the actual difference between a radiator and a convector? Generally speaking, the word ‘radiator’ comes from the phenomenon of radiant heat, where the proportion of radiant heat is over 50%. The rest consists of convective heat.

Purmo Delta column radiators in an office space
Hydronic heating

Visible piping in office radiators

When you need visible piping, there are a couple of elegant options available. Elegant piping behind radiators in series is used mainly in schools and offices where multiple radiators are installed one after the other, and installation is quick and easy.