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Electric heating: 7 reasons to choose oil filled electric radiators

The many types of heating available on the market today allow you to choose the heating system that best suits your needs. However, the variety of options doesn’t always simplify your choice. To help you decide, we’ve listed the top 7 reasons why you should go for oil filled radiators because they offer a range of benefits you might not be aware of.
Why choose oil filled electric radiators

1. Oil filled radiators provide great thermal comfort

Our electric radiators are filled with environmentally friendly vegetable oil that is heated by the radiators’ electric element. Once the oil warms the radiators’ metal surface, the room is heated with a mixture of radiant and convection heat. Convection heats the surrounding air to quickly bring the room up to temperature, while the radiant heat is absorbed by the various surfaces in the room, creating heat that can be felt even after the radiator has been switched off. This way you’re sure to enjoy an optimal thermal comfort in every room.

2. Electric radiators are easy to install

Since there is no pipework or boiler involved, it’s really easy to install an electric radiator. All you need is a socket to plug in the oil filled radiator. This means you can install the radiator almost anywhere, allowing for more flexibility compared to a central heating system that’s dependent on a pipe network. Oil filled radiators also don’t need to be bled or topped up with oil because they’re fully sealed so they are good to go as soon as you turn on the switch.

3. Electric radiators are available in various designs

Our complete range of oil filled panel radiators has been carefully designed and selected to offer a full range of styles that caters to every taste. Whether you’re looking for an electric radiator with a profiled or a flat front, the choice is completely yours. This way you can easily match your oil filled radiators to the rest of your interior to create a stylish ensemble.

4. Electric radiators have a fast response time

As it is a closed unit that is powered electrically, an oil filled radiator can reach the desired temperature in a short time. The convection heat that warms the surrounding air helps to get the room up to the preferred temperature in a short time span, so that you can quickly enjoy a comfortable warmth.


5. Oil filled radiators are energy-efficient

Electric radiators convert every watt of electricity into usable heat, making them very efficient from the moment you switch them on. On top of that, they are great at retaining heat, which means you need less energy to top up the room temperature. Furthermore, our oil filled radiators have an effective electronic thermostat for precise temperature control, allowing you to manage your heating precisely to get exactly the heat you want whenever and wherever it’s needed. All this ensures that our oil filled radiator heaters are very energy-efficient and help you to save on both energy use and running costs.

Additionally, if you power the electric radiators with a renewable energy source such as solar panels, they quickly become a very sustainable way of heating.

6. Our electric radiators are environmentally friendly

The option of partnering your electric radiators with a renewable energy source is a bonus when it comes to being sustainable because the oil filled radiators we produce are already environmentally friendly in themselves. As far as possible, they are made from 100% recyclable materials and are filled with biodegradable vegetable oils.

7. Electric radiators require little maintenance

Oil filled radiators don’t need periodic inspections, services or certifications that require lots of planning and have associated costs. All that’s really required to keep your electric radiators in good condition is an occasional dusting with a damp cloth and pH-neutral soap.

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