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Yali Plus: electric radiators that take sustainability up a notch

A more sustainable future requires efforts from us all. Luckily, technology is making it easier and easier to contribute to a greener planet. Along with, for example, electric vehicles and the use of solar energy, modern heating systems are also applying innovative product technologies which help users to do their bit for the environment on a daily basis. Our new Yali Plus radiators are a great example. New controls on our well-known Yali Digital, Parada and Ramo radiators help to generate more energy savings with precision temperature setting and the integrated digital protocols facilitate custom heating so that no energy is wasted on unoccupied rooms.
Yali electric radiators bedroom

Energy-efficient electric radiators

In terms of sustainability, electric radiators are already doing well. They convert every watt of electricity into heat, without generating any waste or emissions. Moreover, they can easily be powered by electricity generated from a renewable energy source, such as solar panels (PV), to create a comfortable indoor climate that’s not only sustainable but also free of charge.

Additionally, the Purmo electric radiators are, as far as possible, made from recyclable materials. They are also filled with biodegradable vegetable oil, which allows them to operate with high levels of inertia. Consequently, our electric radiators are great at retaining heat, even when they’re turned off. They combine a lower energy consumption with long-lasting thermal comfort and this way become a good electric alternative for hydronic low-temperature radiators.

New controls for our electric radiators

For those familiar with our panel radiators, the electric Yali range needs no introduction. The oil-filled radiators available in various designs (flat, profiled and fine profiled) still meet the highest standards. However, to minimise their ecological impact as well as maximise their ease of use, we have equipped our Yali Digital, Parada and Ramo radiators with a new integrated thermostat. The controls didn’t only get an aesthetic update, but also offer precision temperature setting and now integrate digital protocols that allow for custom heating and optimal connectivity.

Yali electric radiators office space

Smart electric radiators

The updated controls turn the Yali Plus radiators into smart electric radiators that users can control via WiFi. They can be regulated via a user-friendly app on your smartphone or tablet, and when a home automation system, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, is installed, they can even be voice controlled.  

Every radiator can be controlled separately, so users can save money and minimise energy waste by only heating the rooms they’re actually using, rather than needlessly heating the entire space. Moreover, the app allows for a digital visualisation of the radiators’ energy consumption so that it’s easy to monitor and adjust the energy usage whenever and wherever needed.  

Easily download the Unisenza Plus app

Sustainable product in sustainable packaging

All our Yali Plus radiators comply with the European CE marking and ECO Design directive. This guarantees that our radiators meet all ecological requirements and have a limited impact on the environment throughout their product life cycle. 

To extend our focus on sustainability across the board, the Yali Plus radiators now also have a packaging composed of a majority of recycled or recyclable materials, which helps to reduce the product’s ecological footprint without compromising its safety during transport. 

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