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Fan convectors for commercial use

Ranging from hotels and schools to office developments and churches, there are all kinds of commercial applications that require rapid heating and cooling of large areas. The most flexible and efficient solution is a fan convector as this heat emitter provides high outputs in low-temperature heating systems, has unmatched heat-up times and can easily be installed anywhere. On top of that, fan convectors can also be operated on a traditional heating system.

Fan convectors for improved indoor climate comfort

When a hotel room isn’t booked or a classroom isn’t being used, there’s no need to heat up the space. You’ll not only save on heating costs, but also cut emissions. However, at times when the rooms are being used, efficiency is key and rapid heating or cooling guarantees meaningful energy savings as well as improved indoor climate comfort. At first sight this might seem difficult when you’re working with low system temperatures, but thanks to the new generation of fan convectors, such as the iVector S2, it’s easy to benefit from a smart and efficient operation at low temperatures.

Whisper-quiet operation

The combination of low water content and a specially designed axial fan, which allows the iVector S2 to respond quickly to fluctuations in room temperature, ensures users can enjoy the perfect indoor climate at all times. This goes for anytime of the year since the iVector S2 can offer both heating and cooling functions when combined with a reversible heat pump or a separate cooling source. On top of that, the latest in modulating fan technology makes the iVector S2 whisper quiet so no need to worry about noise levels.

Flexible, stylish and discreet fan convectors

Since every commercial building comes with its own features and demands in terms of interior design, it’s important to integrate a heating solution that perfectly matches the décor while at the same time providing energy-efficient advantages. A compact fan convector, such as the iVector S2, offers many installation options. You can, for example, opt for wall-mounted or in-wall installation, but also integrate it ‘on’ and even ‘in’ the ceiling for a modern and sleek result. Perfect for stylish hotel rooms, present-day classrooms or state-of-the-art office buildings.

Minimum effort, maximum output

When it comes to an optimal user comfort, you want a fan convector that is equipped with integrated controls. The iVector S2 can be operated via a clear LCD control on the top of the radiator or via optional wired remote control. As a further variant, the fan convector radiator can be controlled via an external building management system. This way the heating and cooling system is managed centrally along with other systems in the building, and they can all work together seamlessly. In addition to being a smart convector unit, the iVector S2 is supported by various intelligent tools that help users get the most value for their money. Purmo can, for example, provide the necessary data for BIM models and our heat output calculator makes sure the selected fan convector is the perfect match for the heating and cooling demands of any commercial building.

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