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Fan convectors for domestic use

Whether you’re renovating or venturing out on a new building project, nowadays efficiency and sustainability are key. Among other things, this entails a heating solution that reduces your dependence on finite energy sources, cuts emissions and works at lower temperatures to improve system efficiency. Fan convectors fit this bill perfectly and since they can offer both heating and cooling, they are the ideal solution to enjoy a comfortable indoor climate all year round.
iVector S2 - Bedroom

What is a fan convector?

A hydronic fan convector is equipped with a radial fan and a heat exchanger that allow the convector radiator to heat a room quickly and evenly using forced convection. The fan draws in the cooler air which then passes over the heat exchanger that transfers heat from the hot water which flows through it so that warm air can be expelled back into the room.

Since a fan convector has considerably less water content than an equivalent conventional panel radiator (between 5 and 10%), it requires a minimum amount of energy to operate and is able to provide heat almost instantaneously. The forced convection ensures that the heat distribution is optimally controlled so that there is practically no heat loss.

fan convector wall-mounted heat pump radiator

Fan convectors, the perfect heat pump partner

If we are to reach climate neutrality by 2050, we all need to do our bit. For homeowners this means finding an environmentally friendly solution to heating their home and using renewable energy. When it comes to energy-efficient heating, heat pumps are at the top of the list in new buildings and houses being fitted with new heating systems.

To maximise the efficiency of a heat pump, it should be paired with a low temperature heat emitter. In private new buildings today, heat pumps are mainly used in conjunction with but also in addition to underfloor heating. While underfloor heating is great for maintaining a constant temperature, at times immediate heat is required. For example, in the morning a few extra degrees can make all the difference in the bathroom. Or what about bedrooms being used to study? While 18°C is perfect for a good night’s sleep, 22°C is better for concentration and creative thinking.

In such cases a heat emitter with a fast response time, like the iVector S2 fan convector, is the perfect partner. Its low thermal mass ensures responsive heat-up times and an efficient operation without sacrificing heat outputs.

Fan convectors as a flexible solution

In existing buildings that are being renovated for energy efficiency, fan convector heaters are also becoming increasingly important since they can be used in conjunction with modern condensing boilers as well. In addition, they are very flexible and can be installed in any room. A fan convector such as the iVector S2, for example, can be wall-mounted under the window as usual, but can also be ceiling-mounted or integrated in the wall or ceiling to create a seamless look.

Fan convectors bedroom used to study iVector S2

Fan convectors for heating and cooling in one

With hot summers becoming more common as climate change takes hold, more and more people are looking for a solution to cool their home. Instead of installing separate air-conditioning units, the iVector S2 fan convector can be used for heating as well as cooling when paired with a reversible heat pump or separate cooling source, which creates an ideal solution for both domestic and industrial use. It is then possible to switch to cooling mode in summer and cool rooms efficiently without air conditioning. On top of that, the latest in modulating fan technology guarantees the lowest imaginable noise level so whether the iVector S2 is heating or cooling, it’s always whisper quiet.

To ensure a fan convector is able to provide sufficient heating and cooling for the room it’s installed in, it’s important to dimension it correctly. Our heating and cooling configurator for fan convectors is a practical tool that helps you to configure heating and cooling calculations for fan convectors in just a few clicks. It provides a clear overview of performance data and allows users to export the calculated data in various formats.

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Fan convector with intelligent control system

Designed to fit every installation, the iVector S2 allows for a high degree of interior design flexibility. Moreover, the fan convector heater has an intelligent control system which can be managed via an on-board controller as well as a remote controller that can regulate up to 30 different units. The smart convector unit is easy to install with the help of the accompanying manual.

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