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The importance of efficient cooling systems for thermal comfort

In an effort to limit climate change we are rethinking our buildings; how we use them, power them, heat and cool them, etc. This is really a must as the changing climate affects our indoor comfort and at the same time highlights the imperative need to limit our energy consumption. Consequently, our systems need to adapt. Cooling systems are a good example since the need for cooling increases worldwide due to rising temperatures and more frequent heat waves. Understanding how we can cool our buildings efficiently will help us to create healthier, more comfortable indoor climates and optimise energy efficiency.
Efficient cooling systems for thermal comfort

How important is the right thermal climate?

In order for people to feel good in any environment; at home, the office, school, a hotel, etc., the indoor climate needs to be experienced as comfortable. When we feel too hot or too cold, our body reacts and both physical and mental issues might arise. Too high a temperature, for example, can affect our ability to learn and concentrate at school or in the workplace. Physical effects include, for example, an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. If, on the other hand, it’s too cold, we are more susceptible to catch diseases and experience impaired fine motor skills. A low indoor temperature can also be linked to an increased blood pressure, asthma symptoms, mental illness as well as a greater risk of heart attack or stroke.(1)

The increasing need for cooling systems

Up to now, heating up buildings has been of greater importance. However, the combination of rather poorly insulated buildings and climate change have turned this around. Now, the indoor climate is increasingly experienced as too hot in summer and, as temperature continues to rise, this problem is only expected to increase in the future(1). Greater consideration therefore needs to be given to the design of our buildings as well as the implementation of cooling systems. This will help us to counteract issues such as poor sleep quality and reduced productivity which tend to create a snowball effect in our daily lives.

Which cooling systems to choose for thermal comfort?

At Purmo we offer a range of hydronic cooling solutions that provide a number of important advantages. Systems that are suited for both heating and cooling, such as the IVector S2 fan convector or the Aquilo trench fan convector for example, are very efficient and eliminate the need to install an extra unit just for cooling. Moreover, there is no risk of draughts and it’s very easy to control the temperature accuracy.

Cooling systems for thermal comfort in different applications

Whenever a heating and/or cooling systems is integrated, it’s important to first analyse the building’s area of use. Different applications require different solutions. The Heliuz panel system is, for example, designed to heat and cool offices, schools, hospitals and residential buildings, where it can easily be integrated in different interior styles. For industrial halls, warehouses, sport halls and similar projects the hydronic Heliuz Strip ceiling system is a suitable heating and cooling solution.

The Aquilo trench fan convectors, in turn, are ideal to heat and cool interiors with floor-to-ceiling windows. Although the large windows maximise the amount of natural light and create an open, airy feeling, they also increase the surface that can quickly cool down in winter and heat up in summer depending on the U-value of the windows. Trench fan convectors installed in the floor in front of the windows create a natural barrier that separates the cold and warm air and optimises the system’s efficiency.

A third efficient cooling system is the iVector S2 fan convector. When combined with a reversible heat pump or chiller, for example, the fan convector can both heat and cool a wide range of environments. Thanks to the high degree of interior design flexibility the IVector S2 is great for heating and cooling offices and hotels, but can, for example, also be easily integrated in private homes. The IVector S2 fan convector is a versatile solution that provides the necessary warmth in winter and a cool breeze in summer. The aim is to provide a pleasant indoor climate all year round, day and night.

Another, maybe less obvious, application that fits the bill for heating and cooling with the IVector S2 is conference rooms. These are often only used sporadically and therefore benefit from a solution that enables precise time and temperature control. The IVector S2 fan convector is able to rapidly heat and cool large areas, which ensures indoor climate comfort whenever it’s needed and saves energy.

Regardless whether it concerns new build or renovation projects, there is always a suitable hydronic cooling system. To ensure optimal performance, it is important to have the heating and cooling system precisely designed by a specialist.

Should you have any questions about our cooling systems or need tailored advice on which cooling system best suits your new build or renovation project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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