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8 EV charging stations for more sustainable mobility at Purmo Germany

Our journey on the road to a more sustainable future can sometimes be taken quite literally. To contribute to more sustainable mobility we have adapted our car policy to favour hybrid and electric cars. Since we want to encourage their use as much as possible, the majority of our plants are equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. In fact, 8 new charging stations were recently installed at our plant in Vienenburg (Germany).
Purmo Germany EV charging stations

Electric vehicles drive a more sustainable future

At Purmo we very consciously changed our car policy in favour of electric vehicles. One of the biggest advantages of hybrid and electric vehicles is that they emit far fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars. In fact, pure electric cars don’t produce any CO2 emissions at all while driving. This allows for a considerable reduction in air pollution so that we, as a company, can do our bit to clean up the air we all breathe.

Easy charging at Purmo Germany

To encourage the use of electric cars among our employees as well as our visitors, we are installing EV charging stations at all our plants. In Vienenburg, for example, we just installed 8 new charging posts. These allow for easy charging of electric vehicles while our employees are at work or our visitors spend time at our plant. They can simply plug in when they arrive and head off with a fully charged vehicle at the end of the day or their visit.

8 charnging stations for electric vehicles at Purmo Germany

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