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The Unisenza WiFi thermostat supports sustainable living in the Coronmeuse eco-district

On the Coronmeuse peninsula, Rives Ardentes is currently being erected. This large-scale real estate project aims to create a convivial living space with a strong ecological focus. As a leading supplier of sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions we are happy to deliver innovative products that support the sustainable way of life promoted in this eco-district. The combination of our modern panel radiators and the Unisenza WiFi thermostat allows the owners of over 100 apartments to control and monitor their energy consumption at all times via the intuitive Unisenza app.
Rives Ardentes sustainable living Purmo solutions

Rives Ardentes

At a stone’s throw from the centre of Liège (Belgium), Rives Ardentes is arising between the Meuse and Darse rivers. Rather than just being yet another real estate project, this new eco-district prioritises the creation of an environmentally-friendly habitat. An environment that is accessible only to pedestrians and soft mobility, where cars are left in underground parking lots to limit pollution and noise pollution. A place where shared gardens encourage communal living and create spaces close to nature.

Rives Ardentes is a mix of commercial properties and a total of 1,200 living units, including penthouses, apartments and houses.

Modern radiators ensure efficiency and flexibility

In this project the ecological focus isn’t limited to the outdoors. Attention is also paid to sustainable living inside the various living units. The heat source, for example, is a district heating network that is fuelled by the incinerator of the nearby city of Herstal. In an initial phase of the project, our modern panel radiators were selected to ensure the generated heat is distributed efficiently into more than 100 apartments.

In the apartments the Integra Parada Flex 8C in the living room is combined with the Integra Flex 8C in the bedrooms. These modern panel radiators have 8 connection points that offer maximum flexibility during installation. Moreover, they have a thermostatic head that can be freely placed on either the right or left side of the radiator. On top of that, the pre-set valves allow for easy hydronic balancing, which again saves time during installation but also helps users to save a significant amount of energy when the balancing is done right.

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Rives Ardentes - Integra Parada Flex 8C panel radiator Purmo

Our modern panel radiators were selected to ensure the generated heat is distributed efficiently into more than 100 apartments.

Unisenza WiFi thermostats contribute to a sustainable indoor climate

To control the radiators, it was important to the installer to have an app-controlled WiFi thermostat. This kind of thermostat is not only very user-friendly but also helps to save energy on a daily basis, which matches perfectly with the sustainable philosophy of this project.

The Unisenza WiFi thermostat is a clock thermostat with selectable programme options (comfort, ECO, automatic, manual). A simple coupling with the WiFi router makes app control possible. There is no gateway required. Users who download the free intuitive Unisenza app on their smartphone can remote control their radiators and monitor their energy use at all times.

“By, monitoring the heating system via the Unisenza app and taking advantage of the time programs, it’s very easy to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint,” says Robert Curtz, Sales Manager Belux. “The app is designed for plug-and-play use so that any user can easily combine indoor climate comfort with energy efficiency. Moreover, when the geo location option is activated in the app, the heating reacts to the users’ presence and automatically reduces the temperature if none of the registered users are at home.”

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Rives Ardentes - Unisenza Wifi Thermostat Purmo Rives Ardentes district heating

Left: the Unisenza WiFi thermostat - Right: the set-up for connection to the district heating network