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A guide to electronic thermostatic heads for new builds and renovation

The heat source and emitters are often top of mind when it comes to creating energy-efficient indoor climate comfort. Yet controls are at least as important to ensure the entire system works at its best. Innovative solutions such as electronic thermostatic heads are one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy consumption and optimise comfort with minimal intervention.
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How do electronic thermostatic heads work?

Radiator are generally controlled by means of thermostatic radiator valves. These help to maintain the room temperature by adjusting the amount of hot water coming into the radiator according to the desired room temperature and thus regulating the radiator’s heat output. With a traditional thermostatic radiator valve users regulate this amount approximately by means of the numbers indicated on the thermostatic head.

However, this control is not very precise or user-friendly. Every change to the desired temperature requires manual intervention at the thermostatic head of each radiator. Cyclical lowering of the room temperature, for example at night or during longer periods of absence, can’t be done automatically either, but must be set manually.

Electronic thermostatic heads offer a much more precise and user-friendly control solution. Based on the correlation between the room temperature and the exact temperature set by the user on the digital thermostatic head, the electronic TRV regulates the valve so that it can be gradually closed or opened when needed. This allows for more accurate room temperature control, which in turn optimises both energy consumption and indoor climate comfort.

How easy is it to use electronic thermostatic heads?

In new builds

Electronic thermostatic heads are easy to integrate in new build projects. By equipping new radiators with electronic thermostatic heads, you instantly create an intelligent system that allows for precise and personalised room temperature control. An electronic thermostatic head such as our Unisenza Plus ETH is very easy to install. Once in place, you can of course set the desired temperature manually by means of the + and – button on the thermostatic head. However, you can also link the Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head with the intuitive Unisenza Plus app for easy cloud-based control on a smartphone.

Moreover, you can pair up to 6 ETHs with a Unisenza Plus room thermostat and set up the thermostat as the control centre in the room, which then controls the ETHs. Both the ETHs and the thermostat can be programmed via the app, so that you can, for example, set individual time programmes that automatically adjust the room temperature as required. Additional functions such as open window detection, automatic time optimisation, low battery email warning, etc. can also be selected and deselected via the app.

Tip: The battery life can be extended by switching off or limiting the displayed info on the ETH.

In renovation projects

As the Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head is battery-operated and communicates completely wirelessly, it is also very easy to use in retrofit and renovation projects where you want to optimise the existing standard heating system. You don’t need to make any changes to the original system configuration or even do any new wiring. The Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head fits onto any standard TRV body with an M30x1.5mm connection thread. An adapter for Danfoss RA valves is also included with every Unisenza Plus ETH. You can simply replace the standard thermostatic head with the electronic Unisenza Plus ETH and you are ready to optimise both energy consumption and room comfort.

Electronic thermostatic head Unisenza Plus Purmo

Advantages of an electronic thermostatic head

1. Electronic thermostatic heads help to reduce energy consumption and heating bills.

Electronic thermostatic heads allow for very accurate temperature control based on individual needs. Whereas traditional thermostats often use numbers from 0 to 5 that correspond approximately to a certain temperature, an electronic thermostat offers the possibility to accurately adjust the room temperature to the degree.

The most effective way to save on heating costs is, of course, to only heat the room at a comfortable temperature when it’s in use. The easily and individually programmable time programs of each ETH automatically lower the room temperature as needed when the room is not in use, for example at night or when the occupants are away, thereby saving energy.

Additionally, the Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head is equipped with innovative features such as an open window function and geolocation. The ETH will, for example, automatically close the radiator valve when the room temperature drops too quickly, assuming that a window has been opened. A traditional thermostatic head would open the supply to compensate for the heat loss, resulting in excessive energy consumption. The Unisenza Plus ETH automatically detects this situation and closes the valve for a certain time. Geolocation, in turn, allows for flexible temperature management through presence detection. If none of the registered users are at home, the temperature is automatically reduced to avoid wasting energy in unoccupied rooms.

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2. An electronic thermostatic head is very easy to install.

The Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head is battery-powered. It is a wireless device that is easy to install on both new and existing radiators. As mentioned, it is compatible with most standard thermostat bodies so installing the electronic thermostatic heads takes no time at all. This of course applies to all hydronic radiators, including panel radiators, bathroom radiators, horizontal and vertical designer radiators, column radiators, etc.

Watch the ETH installation video

3. Electronic thermostatic heads are designed for optimal user comfort.

Although you can still control an electronic thermostatic head manually using the buttons and the clear lcd display, the integrated technology greatly extends the control possibilities so that users are free to choose the method they find most convenient. Thanks to the latest Zigbee 3.0 wireless technology, the Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head can easily be controlled from any Android or Apple tablet or smartphone via the intuitive Unisenza Plus app.

This allows users to monitor and control the connected devices wherever and whenever they want. As mentioned above, the Unisenza Plus ETH can also be paired with the Unisenza Plus room thermostat for central control of different radiators in one room and easy programming based on the users’ needs and lifestyle habits. Finally, the integrated technology also allows for connectivity to smart home systems such as Alexa, Google Home, etc. so that the Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head can even be voice controlled.

4. An electronic thermostatic head helps to optimise indoor climate comfort

An electronic thermostatic head enables more precise control of the room temperature, which means that a room is less likely to overheat or not be heated sufficiently. Precise control also results in fewer temperature fluctuations and thus a more constant, pleasant feeling of warmth.

Moreover, you can pair up to 6 Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic heads in a heating zone with one Unisenza Plus thermostat, which makes it easy to create the ideal indoor climate in larger areas, for example in open-plan homes where the kitchen and living room are combined.

Downsides of an electronic thermostatic head

The Unisenza Plus electronic thermostatic head is powered by 2 standard AA batteries. This offers the advantages of a wireless device, but that does mean you will need to replace the batteries at regular intervals and go through the calibration process to resume normal operation. However, as the ETH consumes very little energy, the average battery life is approximately 2 years, depending on operations, which keeps battery changes to a minimum. When the battery is low, this is clearly indicated on the ETH, in the app and, if desired, by email.

Do you want to install electronic thermostatic heads in your new build or renovation project? Don’t hesitate to contact us for custom advice.

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